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Tips and tricks #7: How to make calculator with SVG image map
This article describes how to create calculator with image map using SVG image
Map of France regions
Simple image map of France regions to illustrate usage of SVG image maps
Ancient PixelArt: CompuServe RLE file viewer
This online calculator can parse and display images from CompuServe graphics files in RLE format
The Negative Image Calculator
This online calculator creates captivating photo negatives by inverting the colors of your images.
Tips and tricks #13: Bitmaps and Pixel manipulation
This article describes how to write calculators for an image manipulation
Image Flip & Rotate
This calculator allows you to perform simple image manipulation tasks online.
Color to Grayscale Conversion
This online calculator converts color image to grayscale image using the luminosity method
Jpeg file structure
The calculator displays the dimensions of an input jpeg file as well as jiff markers stored in the file.
Color image to black and white image
This online calculator converts color images to black and white images. Two options are possible: luminosity threshold or Floyd–Steinberg dithering.
Jpeg image meta-data
The calculator displays meta-data stored in a jpeg file.
Digital images parameters comparison
The calculator allows you to compare the parameters of different photographs saved in EXIF image data.
Box filters for image processing
This online calculator allows you to process the image with the selected box filter, or use your own box filter.
Morphological filters
This online calculator can process the loaded image using one of the several morphological operators
Median filter
This online calculator applies median filter to an image
Watercolor Filter
This online calculator applies a watercolor effect to an uploaded image by sequentially applying a median filter and a box filter sharpening.
Least Significant Bit steganography
The first online calculator on this page uses a Least Significant Bit steganographic method to hide a message in a digital image. The second online calculator reveals the message hidden by the first calculator.
Inkscape SVG cleaner
This online tool remove non-standard elements from SVG files created with the Inkscape program
Image color set
The calculator counts the number of colors in an image, finds the dominant color, and creates a table of colors that make up the original image.
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