What is PlanetCalc?

Planetcalc is a free online calculator collection.

Online calculator - A simple program, located in Internet web pages to perform mathematical calculations.


Planetcalc contains 514 online calculators. You can leave a new online calculator request here If you describe it in detail, one of Planetcalc’s authors can surely create the calculator for you. Any Planetcalc online calculator can be installed on your web site. You may also customize it for your web site using the Planetcalc style editor if you have a Planetcalc Premium account.

Planetcalc authors

27871 users registered on Planetcalc. 122 of them became authors. To become a Planetcalc author, do one of the following activities:
  • Create a new calculator.

    To create the calculator, you must know a little bit of JavaScript. Use our calculator editor to create the calculator input and output fields with a few mouse clicks, write a JavaScript function to calculate the results and you will get a webpage with your working customized calculator. Our users regularly leave new calculator requests. They will be happy if you create a calculator in response of one of the current unfulfilled requests.
  • Write a calculator description article.

    In general, calculator authors themselves create a description article for their masterpiece, but not everyone knows Javascript or is sufficient proficient at writing English to best describe the calculator. Without an article, the calculator will not appear on the site home page, and it will have almost no chance to be seen by other Internet users. Therefore, the calculator description article is the most important contributor to the calculator’s success. Please help write an article for one of the calculators for which the author neglected to write one. But before you begin, make sure the calculator you are about to describe works properly. :)
  • Translate the calculator, article or site interface into (or from) a foreign language.

    If you have good knowledge of a foreign language, you can help Planetcalc by translating a calculator, article or handbook. At the moment, we have the following translation opportunities.
  • Draw Sofia in a new style.

    Sofia is a mascot of Planetcalc. Like many other women, she loves new clothes and styles. If your main tools are brushes and paints, draw Sofia in a new style.

Our plans

  • Implement more online calculators.
  • Improve calculator editor.
  • Translate site interface into other languages.
  • Create Android and iOS applications.
Suggest your idea.

Commercial services

Advertising, Premium account distribution, author promotion, project development

Planetcalc LLC runs commercial services for Planetcalc.

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