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Two-Variable Linear Equation Solver
This calculator solves a system of equations of first degree with two unknowns. You enters six coefficients, it finds the values of the unknowns and detects cases of no solution or infinite solutions.
Sine wave calculator
Construction of a sine wave with the user's parameters
The limit of the function at the given point
This calculator calculates the limit of the function at a given point numerically. It calculates the limit of the function well as x approaches to the specified value. It's not suitable for calculating the limits when x goes to infinity.
Bin packing problem
Calculator solves bin packing problem by different heuristic algorithms. Created at the request of the user.
Bin packing problem 2
Calculator solves bin packing problem with different heuristic algorithms and gives you a best. Created at the user's request.
Counting pipes from the end face
The approach to the calculation of the number of nested circles of smaller radius at a known length of the describing circle of a larger radius. Created by user request
Relation between two numbers
Different relations between two numbers. Created by user's requst
Shipment weight
Calculating the weight by the volume of shipment. Created by user's request.
Mathematical competition tasks
Calculator solving some mathematical competition task
This online calculator gives the percentage of the value. It also calculates the percentage of the sum (e.g. the income tax of the net salary) and the percentage of the difference (e.g. VAT of the gross amount).
Ball Volume to Radius Calculator
This calculator calculates the radius of a ball from its volume.
Matrix triangulation calculators
Matrix triangulation using Gauss and Bareiss methods.
The difficulty of calculating school math examples
This calculator gives an estimate of the difficulty of calculating math examples. It can be used for comparative estimation of the difficulty math problems.
Geometric progression. The common ratio and the first term
Finding the common ratio and the first term the geometric progression for two adjacent terms.
Combinatorics: Permutation Generator with Repetitions
Generate permutations with repetitions from n to m elements using this calculator for combinatorial analysis.
Combinatorics. Permutation generator from n to m without repetitions
Combinatorics. Permutation generator from n to m without repetitions
Making up words out of the syllables
Calculator sorts out all combinations of syllables to make words. English homework helper.
Expressing length through different units
Calculator expresses a given length through the different units.
Area de la Sombra de un Objeto
El área de la sombra se refiere a la de un objeto cuadrado o rectangular.
Derivative of a function raised to the power of itself
A function is raised to a degree of itself a given number of times and then the derivative is taken.
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