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Expressing length through different units
Calculator expresses a given length through the different units.
Area Converter
This online calculator is designed to convert between different units of area.
Angle in degrees to time units and vice versa
This online calculator converts angle between degrees and time units (i.e. hours).
PSAT/NMSQT Practice Tests Score Calculator
This calculator helps you to score your official practice tests results.
Universal High School GPA Calculator
This online calculator lets you figure out your high school GPA. Even more, it provides you with editable conversion tables and weights, so you can tweak calculations in case you need it.
Run-length encoding
This online calculator compresses the entered string using the run-length encoding (RLE) method.
Least Significant Bit steganography
The first online calculator on this page uses a Least Significant Bit steganographic method to hide a message in a digital image. The second online calculator reveals the message hidden by the first calculator.
Weighted grade calculator
This online calculator calculates the weighted average of the grades entered with weights. For comparison, the average grade is also displayed.
Conversion of kilograms of gas to cubic meters of gas and vice versa
When filling domestic gas cylinders with liquefied propane, propane is dispensed by weight, in kilograms. This online calculator calculates the volume of gas in cubic meters by the weight of gas in kilograms and vice versa.
Sort and Remove: A String Sorting and Deduplication Calculator
This calculator takes a list of strings as input and sorts them either in ascending or descending order based on the user's preference. Additionally, the calculator has an option to remove any duplicate strings in the input list before performing the sort.
Grade Goal Calculator
This online calculator allows students to input their current grades for each course and displays the current average. It then calculates the number of B's needed to reach a B, if the current average is below a B, as well as the number of A's needed to reach both a B and an A.
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