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Shoe size comparison
This calculator converts european shoe size to its english and US counterparts.
Puppy Weight Calculator for Medium, Large and Very Large Breeds
The calculator takes the age of a puppy in months and its breed, either medium, large, or very large, and calculates the recommended weight in kilograms and as a percentage of the adult dog's weight.
Latin Quote Generator
This calculator provides a fun and educational tool for people to learn and explore famous Latin quotes.
Kart Racing Heat Generator
The kart racing heat grid generator is a tool designed to ensure that each racer tries each starting position/kart in random order during a kart racing event.
Ingredients - Proportional Quantities Calculator
The Ingredients - Proportional Quantities Calculator is a helpful tool for recalculating ingredient quantities based on given proportions. Whether you need to adjust ingredient quantities due to a change in one component or you want to utilize all remaining ingredients, this calculator simplifies the process.
Glue Solution Calculator
The Glue Solution Calculator is a handy tool that helps you calculate the exact amount of dry glue and water needed to make the glue solution of the desired strength.
Hack the three-digit code
Participant Placement Calculator
The Participant Placement Calculator generates a list of routes for participants given the number of starting positions and participants.
Map of France regions
Simple image map of France regions to illustrate usage of SVG image maps
Clean & Sober Time Tracker
The Sobriety Clock calculator is a powerful tool designed to track and display your journey of sobriety with remarkable precision.
This online calculator calculates how much time has passed since specified date and time down to the second.
Commission calculator
This online calculator finds the commission from the sale price and the commission rate, the sale price from the commission and the commission rate, and the commission rate from the sale price and the commission
Discount calculator
This online calculator finds the discount from the sale price and the usual price, the sale price from the discount and the usual price and the usual price from the sale price and the discount
USA Full Retirement Date Calculator
Based on your birthday, this online calculator calculates your full retirement date, the first month you will be eligible for full Social Security retirement benefits, and the month you can apply for them.
Generator of random Russian first and last names and surnames with frequency of occurrence
This online calculator generates a list of Russian surnames based on the frequency of occurrence of first and last names.
Country Language Lookup
The online calculator lists the languages spoken in a given country.
Language Speakers by Country Calculator
The Language Speakers by Country Calculator allows the user to select a language from a list and displays a table of countries where the selected language is spoken along with the number of speakers and the fraction of the total population.
Country code
Returns country or territory name by ISO code
Currency Explorer
This online calculator is a currency reference tool that provides information on the currency used in a selected country as well as obsolete currencies. It displays the name, symbol, short symbol, and effective date of the currency for the selected country.
In which country can I pay with my currency?
Displays list of countries in which you can pay by the selected currency.
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