Audio Tone Generator Calculator

A waveform and frequency tone generator calculator with adjustable parameters such as frequency, amplitude, waveform type, and file format output.

This calculator generates different frequency and waveform sound tones. It allows users to customize the tone by selecting the frequency, amplitude, and waveform form. The user can choose from four different signal forms: sine, jigsaw, triangle, and square. The calculator generates a Raw PCM wav file with user-defined sampling rate and duration, which can be saved and used for various applications, such as sound design, testing, or music production.

To generate the tone, the calculator uses the principles of sound synthesis and the Fourier series. Users can input the period in Hz, amplitude in percents, and waveform form, and the calculator will output the tone in the form of a PCM wav file. The user can also specify the length of the tone by inputting the file length in milliseconds, and the quality of the output file by choosing the sampling frequency and bits per sample.

PLANETCALC, Sound tone generator

Sound tone generator

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PLANETCALC, Audio Tone Generator Calculator