Team Combinations Generator

This online calculator generates all combinations of teams for a given number of players and team size, so that everyone can play with and against everyone.

This versatile online calculator is designed to generate a comprehensive list of all possible team combinations, so that everyone can play against and with everyone. Technically, it is the Set partitions generator with restrictions. You simply input the number of players and the desired size of each team, and the calculator automatically creates all possible teams with every combination of players.

The calculator has a limit of 12 players, due to the massive combinatorial explosion that occurs when calculating teams from the larger set of players. For instance, if you choose to generate all possible team combinations of 2 players for a group of 12 players, you will end up with a staggering 10395 combinations. Despite this limitation, the calculator remains a highly effective tool for generating team combinations, and is an ideal solution for anyone looking to organize a fair and exciting team-based event.

PLANETCALC, Combinations of teams

Combinations of teams

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PLANETCALC, Team Combinations Generator