Set Combinations Calculator

The calculator is a combination generator that creates all possible combinations of items from different sets, and lists them in a table with columns labeled by set names and rows representing each combination.

The Combinations Calculator allows the user to easily generate all possible combinations of items from multiple sets. The user simply needs to add each set to the table, specifying the set's label and its members separated by commas. The calculator then generates all possible combinations and displays them in a table, with each row representing a unique combination and each column representing a set label.

For example, if the user adds two sets labeled "A" and "B" with members "0,1" and "red,green", respectively, the calculator will generate a table with four rows and two columns. The rows will represent the four possible combinations of the sets: "0 red", "0 green", "1 red", and "1 green". This tool can be particularly useful for creating permutations of items for various purposes, such as in a marketing campaign or for scientific experimentation.

Additionally, the Combinations Calculator also provides the user with the ability to add or remove sets as needed, and allows for the easy editing of set members. This makes it a flexible and user-friendly tool for generating combinations of any number of sets.

PLANETCALC, Combinations generator

Combinations generator


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PLANETCALC, Set Combinations Calculator