Inflation in Russia

Calculator of Russian inflation since 1991 to the present time. Based on the data of the Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation. The data updated weekly.

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Купюра 500 рублей образца 1992 года
Купюра 500 рублей образца 1992 года

Inflation according to Wikipedia, is a process of reducing the value of the money as a result of which you can buy fewer goods for the same amount of money.

Starting from January 2009 until mid-February, inflation in Russia was 3.2% already; it is quite a large index, but it's nothing compared to what it was in modern Russia's history.

Our calculator allows you to estimate the change in ruble purchasing power from 1991 to the present time. During this period, the country experienced hyperinflation, carried out two cash reforms (confiscatory reforms of 1991 and 1993.) and one denomination in 1998. Just set starting and ending period, and you will know how much less than before you could buy with the specified amount of rubles.

PLANETCALC, Inflation calculator

Inflation calculator


Federal State Statistics Service publishes the consumer price indexes that characterize Russia's level of inflation since 1991. The consumer price index is calculated by dividing the consumer basket's value for the year by the cost of the consumer basket over the past year and multiplying by 100%.

The following online calculator is based on the consumer price index data for different years and calculates the cost of product prices in the previous periods, which can be bought on a given amount today.

PLANETCALC, Inflation in Russia since 1991

Inflation in Russia since 1991

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Calculators used to calculate the inflation use the handbook of the consumer prices, which was created from the data of the Federal State Statistics Service site.

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PLANETCALC, Inflation in Russia