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Ideal weight calculator using Body Mass Index

Timur2009-06-30 14:01:52

You can calculate your ideal weight using statistical measurement called body mass index (BMI). It was suggested by Belgian statistician Adolphe Quetelet in 1850s. Body mass index is defined as body weight divided by square height.
{BMI} = \frac{\mathit{weight} \ \mathrm{(kg)}}{\mathit{height}^2 (\mathrm{m^2})}
The result is checked against statistical categories, where:
less than 15 - severely underweight
15-20 - underweight
20-25 - normal
25-30 - overweight
30-35 - Obese Class I
35-40 - Obese Class II
more than 40 - Severely Obese

Taking 20-25 range as ideal, we can calculate ideal weight using height. Although simple, this method has its own disadvantages. For example, it gives uncharacteristically high values for taller people and not suitable for children.
Here is the calculator

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