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This online calculator calculates the percentage out of the set value. It also allocates the percentage out of the sum (e.g. the income tax on the actual salary) and the percentage out of the difference (e.g. VAT out of gross amount).
Anton2015-07-26 12:33:47

It would seem that nothing is easier that the percentage. Nothing is easier actually. However, two pages of comments on the request indicate that there is still something easier than that.
Let's start with the simplest:

PercentageCreative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0 (Unported)

Here is more:

PercentageCreative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0 (Unported)

First of all, the calculator calculates, in fact, the percentage of a given number. I.e. a given number A is taken as 100%, as a result, we have a number C that is B percent out of A.

Furthermore, the problem is getting complicated. Assume, we have a number A, which is the remainder of subtracting B percent out of some original value, which is 100%. For example, you got paid in cash at the box office. Before you’ve got you money your organization paid 13% income tax of your initial salary. It’s required to calculate the amount of the income tax out of actual issued sum and the interest rate. Paragraph D of our calculator will help to solve this difficult task.

And in the end, so we could finally prove to ourselves that the percentage is not so easy we can allocate a percentage out of the difference. The problem is formulated as follows: here is some number A, consisting of the initial number and the percentage of B added to that number. It’s required to allocate the percentage. The similar problem is solved by every accountant when they allocating VAT out of the gross amount. You don’t have to be an accountant to solve this problem - just get the result in the paragraph E of our online calculator.
P.S Here is a special VAT allocation calculator

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