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Wage payment delay compensation

Wage payment delay compensation

It calculates the amount of monetary compensation, which the employer must pay the employee for the delay of wages or other payments, according to the Russian Federation Labour Code.
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Calculator created by user request for calculating the compensation for the use of employee's money in case of delayed payment of wages.
According to article 236 of the Labour Code: If the employer breaches the due date of payment of wages, vacation pay, severance pay and other payments owed to the employee, the employer must pay them with interest payments (cash compensation) in the amount of not less than one three-hundredth of the current refinancing rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation of the unpaid money for each day of delay from the day after the due date of payment until the day of actual payment. The size of the monetary compensation paid to the employee may be increased by collective agreement or employment contract. The obligation to pay the indicated monetary compensation arises regardless of the employer's fault.

So to calculate the compensation for the delay of salary fill in the table "Payment. When completing the table you should pay attention to the clear indication of the due date salaries and actual payments, as they determine the amount of compensation. In this exemplary, these dates are the same, in reality they may be different. For example, the salary shall be on the 15th, and is not paid in full on 20th, in this case, you have to enter two lines, filling zeros corresponding column (actual payment on the 15th is 0 and owed wages on the 20th = 0) .

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The calculator uses the reference if it turns so that we did not have time to add the latest refinancing rate, you can do it yourself after the registration on our website.

Regional agreements


For residents of Moscow, payment should not be less than 1/200 of the refinancing rate, according to para. 3.9 Moscow Tripartite Agreement in 2011 between the Government of Moscow, the Moscow trade unions and the Moscow associations of employers.


Added option to capitalize the interest in the case of delay of payments for over a year. The change was made in response to a comment of user:
``The refinancing rate of the Central Bank - the interest rate on an annualized basis, payable to the central bank of the country for loans granted to credit institutions. Thus, interest rates on bank loans are capitalized once a year (usually). The legislator in st.236 LC did not specify this subtlety. At the same time, once the basis for calculating compensation set the refinancing rate of the Central Bank, you should care for specifics, ie in case of violation of terms of payment more than one year you should perform the corresponding capitalization of compensation sums.

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