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Compass point between two locations

Given coordinates of two locations in decimal degrees, this calculator displays constant azimuth, distance and compass points for different compass roses.
Timur2017-06-28 20:15:01

This online calculator is created by user's request and it is just convenient shortcut between Course angle and the distance between the two points on loxodrome (rhumb line). and Points of the compass calculators. First of them calculates a distance on loxodrome (rhumb line) and course angle (azimuth) between two points with a given geographical coordinates. Second one outputs compass point given course angle in degrees.

So, thanks to the ability to reuse calculators logic, this calculator accepts coordinates of two points, sends them over to the loxodrome calculator, receives directional angle, sends it over to the compass point calculator and receives compass point.

Finally, it outputs azimuth, distance in kms and nms, compass point name and its degrees in DMS (degrees minutes seconds) and decimal format. You can also change used compass rose.

Compass point between two locationsCreative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0 (Unported)