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Unused leave compensation at dismissal

Unused leave compensation at dismissal

Calculates the payment of compensation for unused leave, envisaged by the labor legislation of the Russian Federation to the dismissal of an employee.
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Unused leave compensation at dismissal calculation consist of 2 parts. The first thing you want is to determine the average daily wage of employee using calculator Average wage сalculation, then determine the number of days to be paid and the final sum using this calculator:

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It's funny that a document that still governs the calculation of compensation was approved in the Soviet Union about 80 years ago,(Terms of ordinary and additional leave, approved by the People's Commissariat of Labour of the USSR 30.04.30 № 169). Such words as Party and Komsomol organizations, Rabfak and other attributes of happy Soviet life could be found in this document. For 80 years the document has acquired letters and additions of responsible departments, to study that I could not bring myself to. Instead, I found a wonderful article, which in details and with examples, explains how to calculate an employee severance package. The quintessence of this article is expressed in our calculator. Those wishing to understand the theoretical basis I refer to the regulations and to the original article Unused leave compensation at dismissal.

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